About us

TensorLoops’ core business is the development of advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions within cyberphysical systems, focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models, as well as intelligent energy management systems in Renewable Energy Communities for the green energy transition.

Our solutions are aimed at:

  • Public bodies and administrations
  • Companies and industries
  • Professional training institutions

Our Story

TensorLoops was born in 2023, a year that will be remembered in the future for the disruptive results achieved in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

TensorLoops is an innovative startup from the Sapienza University of Rome and flourishes within the laboratories of the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET). Thanks to the osmotic link with the academic environment of a prestigious university such as Sapienza, the startup boasts numerous national and international collaborations.

The management and the team of engineers and collaborators are primarily people enthusiastic about technology and Artificial Intelligence. We strongly believe in the sustainable and ethical development of Artificial Intelligence, as a tool to increase human potential and create value in business. We also believe that in an increasingly interconnected and complex world it is necessary to disseminate knowledge and expertise as well as customized technological solutions, which are nevertheless part of our core business.

We are driven by passion, scientific rigor and a philosophy of life based on knowledge and competence. From a specifically scientific perspective, we believe that Artificial Intelligence is a tool for the development and optimization of complex systems. At the same time we believe that complex systems theory can offer a unique conceptual system for the development and understanding of Artificial Intelligence systems.

Scientific Experience

Many years of scientific experience was gained within the Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition Labs (CIPAR LABS) of Sapienza University. Our scientific approach to Artificial Intelligence solutions is based on disciplines such as nature-inspired computing (evolutionary and swarm computing), granular computing and Artificial Neural Networks. Furthermore, the scientific ground and basic philosophy originate from the theory of complex systems, whether artificial or natural.

Prof. Antonello Rizzi and Eng. Enrico De Santis teach the Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition courses at the Sapienza University of Rome (Faculty of Engineering), through a scientific approach based on complex systems. Dr. Alessandro Pietrogiacomi, in addition to being a strategic advisor and expert manager, is a Faculty Lecturer at the University of Roma Tre (Faculty of Economics) and his approach to management is systemic and based on complexity theory.

Why Large Language Models & Natural Language Processing?

Revolutionizing Communication and Business Processes: The Power of Language and AI

At TensorLoops, we are passionate about harnessing the potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to revolutionize the way we communicate and process information. We believe these technologies are key in breaking down language barriers, fostering global understanding, and enabling more intuitive human-computer interactions. Our advanced LLMs can analyze and understand vast amounts of data, providing insights and aiding decision-making in various fields. From enhancing educational tools to improving customer service, our commitment lies in leveraging NLP to create more efficient, accessible, and inclusive communication platforms. We see this as a pivotal step towards a more connected and informed world, where every voice can be heard and understood.

Why AI & Optimization for Renewable Energy Communities?

Green Transition: AI-Driven Solutions for Sustainable Energy

At TensorLoops, we recognize the urgency of the green transition and are dedicated to utilizing Artificial Intelligence for the optimization of Renewable Energy Communities. Our AI-driven solutions focus on maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of renewable energy sources, contributing significantly to the fight against climate change. We harness AI to predict energy demands, optimize distribution, and facilitate the integration of renewable resources into existing grids. Our vision is to empower communities by providing them with smart, adaptive energy systems that not only reduce carbon footprints but also lower energy costs. In doing so, TensorLopps aims to play a crucial role in building a cleaner, more sustainable future, ensuring that the benefits of green energy are accessible to all.

TensorLoops: the Brand Name

The TensorLoops brand deeply reflects our scientific history and our passion for Artificial Intelligence and technology, The term is composed of two magic words.


“Tensor” stands for tensor, a mathematical and geometric object that first revolutionized our scientific vision thanks to Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and then the field of Artificial Neural Networks and deep learning. The tensor allows you to represent reality data in a unique and multidimensional way. Einstein used them to represent the intrinsically four-dimensional nature of space-time. Modern deep learning uses tensors to represent multimodal data and is the basis of amazing technologies like ChatGPT.


Any expert or enthusiast in computer science and programming has heard of “loops”. The loops have to do with the concept of “recursion”. But loops are also an essential element of complex systems characterized by properties such as emergence and self-organization. We believe that loops are an essential ingredient for intelligence, both natural and artificial. This term takes on essential importance in the book by guru in the field of cognitive science and Artificial Intelligence Douglas Hofstadter, entitled “I’m a strange loop”. Loops short-circuit the semantic levels of complex, hierarchically self-organized systems. The concept of the appearing of appearing (self-consciousness) of the great Italian philosopher Emanuele Severino is a loop. We believe that love is also a form of loop, the ultimate loop.

Empowering Humanity: Our Ethical AI Commitment at TensorLoops

At TensorLoops, we are deeply committed to pioneering the field of Artificial Intelligence with a steadfast ethical compass. Our core belief is that AI should primarily serve as a catalyst for human development, enhancing lives and unlocking new potential across various sectors. We strive to ensure that our AI solutions are developed and deployed with the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and accountability. In our journey, we prioritize the safeguarding of individual privacy and dignity, recognizing the diverse needs and values of people around the world. As a business entity, we recognize our responsibility to lead by example, promoting an AI future that is not only technologically advanced but also profoundly humane and socially beneficial.

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