Renewable Energy Communities and Green Transition

  • Development of intelligent algorithms for the management of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and energy storage
  • Development of prediction algorithms based on ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • Sizing of energy systems such as renewable sources, energy storage, inverters and everything related to the development of a REC
  • Scenario analysis and pre-design and post-design consultancy in the field of REC

TensorLoops is at the forefront of driving the green transition through innovative modeling and control of Renewable Energy Communities and microgrids. Our mission is to implement sustainable energy solutions that are not only efficient but also smart and adaptable.

We have engineered systems that significantly reduce power losses in medium voltage lines, utilizing cutting-edge evolutionary optimization algorithms. These systems are essential for improving the overall efficiency of power distribution within our Renewable Energy Communities.

Our strength is the knowledge and constant updating of European and national technical-legislative directives in the energy sector and specifically in Renewable Energy Communities.

Our portfolio includes sophisticated electronic Energy Management Systems (EMS) designed for the meticulous real-time management of microgrids. These systems ensure that energy distribution is managed optimally, maintaining balance and reducing waste.

To optimize the management of energy flows, TensorLoops has developed proprietary algorithms that serve Renewable Energy Communities, ensuring that the energy generated is used effectively and sustainably.

In an industry where control systems need to be both robust and flexible, we have achieved a breakthrough with the automatic synthesis of EMS featuring hierarchical Fuzzy-GA control. These are further optimized with advanced Machine Learning techniques and the principles of Explainable AI, making our systems not only powerful but also transparent and understandable.

Our systems are also equipped to control and predict the performance of electric generators from various renewable sources such as photovoltaic, wind, and micro-hydro systems, as well as manage the demands of the load. This predictive capability allows for better planning and reliability.

Furthermore, TensorLoops specializes in the sizing and scenario analysis of microgrids. Our approach involves detailed assessments to design microgrids that are customized to the specific needs of a community or region, considering current and future energy scenarios.

In essence, TensorLoops is building the future of energy: intelligent, sustainable, and resilient. Our commitment to innovation in the field of renewable energy management is setting new standards for how energy communities operate and thrive.

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