Optimization of industrial and business processes

TensorLoops is an innovative tech company that specializes in developing and deploying sophisticated algorithms and distributed computing systems designed to tackle complex system challenges using machine learning and granular computing techniques. We’re dedicated to enabling a deeper understanding and enhanced control over these systems, paving the way for more intelligent decision-making.

Our proprietary algorithms employ multifractal analysis and Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) to accurately evaluate complexity indicators, providing our clients with critical insights into system dynamics. Additionally, we offer advanced text classification and characterization systems that pinpoint the authorship of texts, an essential tool in the age of information where distinguishing between human and artificial authorship is becoming increasingly important.

TensorLoops also excels in predictive and condition-based maintenance, leveraging Granular Computing algorithms for pinpoint anomaly detection and classification systems that utilize evolutionary heuristics on unstructured data for immediate fault recognition. Our use of Explainable AI methodologies demystifies fault phenomena and aids in strategic business planning and control.

Our semi-supervised man-in-the-loop techniques allow for precise labeling of fault states, while our agent-based diagnostic algorithms are at the cutting edge of managing and interpreting Big Data. This is especially critical in massively parallel computational systems where traditional metrics falter.

In the realm of industrial energy efficiency, TensorLoops offers robust solutions including peak-shaving and load curtailment algorithms, as well as optimal allocation of flexible loads utilizing BESS. These systems are not only energy-efficient but also help to significantly cut costs and improve the sustainability of operations.

Our expertise extends to the management and control of Battery Management Systems (BMS), where we have developed a suite of algorithms for everything from cell balancing to the precise estimation of battery states of charge and health. Furthermore, our Computational Intelligence techniques enable robust system identification, and our experimental setups are designed to rigorously test BMS and assess their performance.

TensorLoops is at the intersection of technology and innovation, providing systems that are not just solutions but gateways to a more efficient, reliable, and intelligent future.

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